Shimmer For Spring!

So my friend found these strips of tinsel that you put in your hair called hair shimmers.  She ordered them online and asked if I wanted to try them as well.  I do not take risks with my hair and am not very adventurous but these are very fun and short term.  They have tons of colors online and are super cheap.  They are tied to the root of a piece of hair and can come out at any time.  I liked having them because, in my opinion, many people want a fun change when they come to a new year.  Spring is here and it is fun to try something new! I ordered the sparkling blonde because my hair is light brown.  I wanted them to show up but not too much.  I recommend getting tinsel that is close to your hair color because they are not super noticeable but when the sun hits your hair you will see hints of shimmer!


Since I have had a week off from school for spring break, I wanted to bake! I love to bake cupcakes especially.  You can be so creative through decorations or flavors.  I have the Martha Stewart Cupcake cookbook and chose to make the German chocolate cupcakes.  They were really fun and delicious.  In the recipe, I would only heat the icing for about 10 minutes even if it does not have the consistency of “sour cream.”  Once you add coconut and pecans it will thicken up.  Also make sure to take the cupcakes out pretty soon after removing them from the oven.  If you leave them in too long, they will fall apart.  It may be easier to put the batter in tins and only put the icing on the top of the cupcakes rather than in the middle as well.  Experiment and have fun!


Timeless Possibilities

A chambray or denim shirt is one of the most timeless and versatile pieces that you can add to your wardrobe.  I bought my first denim shirt this past summer and was very hesitant if I would ever really wear it.  I wear jeans all the time and thought denim with denim would never work.  Well I was completely wrong. It is one of my favorite items! I wear it with my black skinny capri pants, dark wash jeans, or wear it tucked into a cute patterned skirt.  You can dress it up with chunky jewelry and wear it with a nice skirt, or you can dress it down with pants and cowboy boots or sandals.  You can wear any color scarf, a cute belt or wear it open with a tank top underneath.  I have never owned a shirt with so many endless possibilities.  I would highly recommend this shirt from J.Crew.  It is the one that I own.  I am still thinking up new and creative ways of how I can wear my denim shirt.  Do not be afraid to be bold and take chances with your fashion, especially with this shirt.  This shirt’s timelessness gives you the freedom to do something unconventional somewhere else!  Do a really chunky necklace, a bright colored patterned skirt, sparkly heels, strappy sandals, bold scarves, or a fun sweater! Be creative!

Spring Fling!

Ok so Spring is here! Birds and nests are everywhere in 2011. I saw this bag on the Anthropologie website and loved it!   I also thought that it would be fun and easy to make one of your own!  Go to your local craft store such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels and go to the cross stitch section.  You could do any pattern you like but I would stick to something floral or with birds on it because there can be some cross stitch patterns that could turn your stylish and unique spring tote into your grandmas pocket book!  My mom and I are going to go buy a design this week and cross stitch during my Spring Break! I will let you know how to make a purse out of your design after we finish! Hope it works :)