Shimmer For Spring!

So my friend found these strips of tinsel that you put in your hair called hair shimmers.  She ordered them online and asked if I wanted to try them as well.  I do not take risks with my hair and am not very adventurous but these are very fun and short term.  They have tons of colors online and are super cheap.  They are tied to the root of a piece of hair and can come out at any time.  I liked having them because, in my opinion, many people want a fun change when they come to a new year.  Spring is here and it is fun to try something new! I ordered the sparkling blonde because my hair is light brown.  I wanted them to show up but not too much.  I recommend getting tinsel that is close to your hair color because they are not super noticeable but when the sun hits your hair you will see hints of shimmer!


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