The Hourglass Princess Coat

hourglass princess coat

Here are some great pieces to pair with your coat!

hourglass coat

Happy First Day of Fall!

To kick off the official first day of fall I will be posting some great fall pieces for your own wardrobe! In my illustration class, we learned about different silhouettes for clothing.

slim silhouette

Here are some pieces that would look great with this dress! You can go feminine and soft or bold and bright!

sparkly dress

White Cotton

My mom and I recently set up a store at Spice Village located in Waco, Tx. We are very excited to create and dream up new ideas for our store. My mom has always loved white. Her love for white has definitely rubbed off on me as well. I have grown to love any furniture or clothing that is white. Something about it just evokes peacefulness and serenity. We set up the store this past Friday and are excited to see what happens.


I am taking a fashion illustration class this fall and I am learning the importance of proportion when sketching the body. Below is a “croquis,” which is a simple sketch of the outline of the body. When I began to draw the croquis, it was much more difficult than I anticipated. When one line is skewed, too long or too short it completely changes the shape of the croquis. I have learned that practicing and tracing over the correct sketch helps tremedously. Once you can get the proportions correct, then drawing on the clothing will be much simpler and accurate. Throughout this fall, I will be sharing all that I learn in class and what progress I am making.


Flattering Blazers

For the next couple of weeks I will be posting what kind of blazer is most flattering for each woman’s silhouette. Blazers are essential for your closet. Since fall and winter are approaching, it is important to have the perfect blazer to wear to work, throw over a dress, or pair with nice jeans. I’m taking a tailoring class this fall and am learning how to sew a pair of wool pants and a wool jacket. Silhouette is a crucial aspect when choosing the correct pattern and fabric for a blazer. I will be sharing what I will be learning throughout this semester, and in upcoming weeks I will be posting the best choice of blazer for your silhouette!

The Inverted triangle silhouette