I am taking a fashion illustration class this fall and I am learning the importance of proportion when sketching the body. Below is a “croquis,” which is a simple sketch of the outline of the body. When I began to draw the croquis, it was much more difficult than I anticipated. When one line is skewed, too long or too short it completely changes the shape of the croquis. I have learned that practicing and tracing over the correct sketch helps tremedously. Once you can get the proportions correct, then drawing on the clothing will be much simpler and accurate. Throughout this fall, I will be sharing all that I learn in class and what progress I am making.



One thought on “Proportion

  1. I am in the class too and I definitely agree. It was much harder than I thought at first and just a small adjustment to the croqui can make a big difference. Proportion can really make the croqui and the garment look good and accurate. Practicing is very beneficial.

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