“Career Day” Here I Come…

This Spring semester I took Apparel Design 1. In this class we learned pattern making and designed our own dress for a 35-55 year old career woman. after many sketches and brainstorming I designed a straight dress with a peplum and ruffle collar. I chose a subtle black and white pin stripe for the bodice and the peplum and a cotton black twill for the skirt and the ruffle. With many many hours of sewing, ripping out and sewing some more… I finally finished it. We turned it in a couple weeks ago and our teacher chose the most quality dresses to go to Career Day. Career Day is an annual fashion show competition that takes designed garments from Universities in the United States. “This is the longest-running and largest fashion career event of its kind in the U.S.! For over 40 years, nearly 1,200 students and faculty attend annually. The program provides career opportunities and insights; hands-on access to companies offering internships and entry-level jobs; interaction with industry leaders, mentors and role models; and most importantly merchandising and design competitions with cash awards and scholarships.” I was chosen with about 6 other students in my class. It is a great oppurtunity and I am excited to attend!

Photos by Colton Canava

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