Inspired By Suzanne Perron

This past Friday, I attended Career Day in Dallas. I heard from respected and knowledgable fashion experts from around the United States. Although they all had great things to say, Suzanne Perron truly captured my attention because of her incredible experiences and expertise. She graduated from LSU and then attended FIT for one year. After years working under women such as Ana Sui, Vera Wang and Carolina Hererra, she was ready to go back to her home in New Orleans. She has a passion for creating beautiful gowns with intricate and unique designs. She opened her own bridal shop where she designs gowns to fit her client, both in measurements and personality. Her techniques and tips as well as her passion for construction inspired me to determine my strengths and keep learning. Here are some photos of her designs as well as a video about her new book, “Designing in Ivory and Lace.”

One thought on “Inspired By Suzanne Perron

  1. She was fabulous!! This is such a great blog post! I’m definitely going to try to get an internship with her. Especially since she’s such a huge fan of draping. I really enjoy it and I want to learn more. Great blog!

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